Lengths                    - Choice of 10” or 12” effective lateral length (stylus to lateral bearing centre.)

                                -  Vertical effective length 9”.

Tracking error         - Unique Helius geometry

                                - For 12” arms, 97% of the record is played with < 1 degree of error. Peak error 1.85 degs

                                - For 10” arms, 92% of the record is played with < 1 degree of error. Peak error 2.57 degs

Bearings ( rolling )  - Silicon nitride

                                - Diametric tolerance 2.54 microns. Sphericity 0.64 micron

   - Surface finish tolerance 0.008 to 0.010 micron Ra

( static surfaces)     - Optical sapphire

                       - S/D surface finish ( smoothness) 60/40

            - Optical flatness 5 fringe

            - Parallelism < 5 mins of arc.

Internal wire           - Cryo Litz silver, 0.05mm strands, polyamide coating for reliable protection from short,

                                  treated in liquid O2 for 1 week @ -190C.

                                          -  Copper available on request.

                                         -  User choice ( customer to supply wire. )

         Effective mass        - Variable due to damping by differential masses and dependant on cartridge compliance

              but typically 9g / 13g.

              Phaedra should be regarded as a medium mass arm better suited to heavier or stiffer                cantilevered cartridges.

             - The inertial control applied by Phaedra over the cartridges increases with mass/stiffness.

              Low mass/high compliant cartridges may prefer the Omega.

Other features:-                         

Azimuth adjustment       - Achieved by locking the tube from behind the bearings.

Counterweights               - 4 small slivers counterweights ( 8.5g each )to accommodate cartridge range from, 5g to 20g

VTA adjustment              - Continuously variable over 6mm. Adjustment possible during playing of record.

Non-coincident bearings to ensure differential resonance frequencies.

Damping by differential masses.

Elliptical, tapered tube for maximal rigidity and minimal height above record. Sectional area decreases towards the front.

Inbuilt spirit level

Base clamping to secure final height setting.

Downforce                       - Adjusted magnetically for added security to achieve optimum trackability.

Internal silver wires continuous from cartridge to terminal plug.

Cables terminated via 2 x female phono/rca sockets contained within special case; this allows customer choice of interconnect cable to preamp and ensures minimal resistance for turntable suspension.

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