Helius Engineering.
Every new design starts with a series of ideas - advances
on preceding technology. From these, mathematical
models are tried, tested and then refined or rejected
according to their influence on sound quality.

When satisfied an idea contributes in a positive way, we
then begin to assemble a model within the computer and
wrap it in a classical ‘Helius’ aesthetic.
At this point CAM takes over from CAD, and the computer
generates the optimal cutting paths.

To ensure accuracy and repeatability, our parts are (almost)
always made in ‘one hit’. The robots will rotate or move a
billet as necessary; so a complete, finished part will come off
the machine without having been handled once by a human.
Machined from single, solid billets of raw material, Helius
pursues perfection. The part shown here is the Omega
bearing housing and gives some idea of our
no-compromise approach  to manufacture.
Untouched by human hand until ready to polish and
anodise, Omega parts are stacked, packed and ready
for assembly.