Speed control                   -


Platter mass                      -

Thrust bearing                  -

Suspension ( primary )     -

Suspension ( secondary ) -

Rumble                              -

Wow/Flutter                     -

Arm mountings                -

Overall mass                     -

Power consumption        -

Additional features          -

An optical encoder is fitted to the underside of the platter - its counterpart is a laser emitter/optical sensor fixed to the subchassis with the control firmware is built into the electronics contained within the left hand pillar. Speed is referenced to the record and not the absolute motor speed ( as is conventional )

Radial (platter) velocity is evaluated/corrected in real time at 200Hz. { (33.333/60) x 360 encoder divisions )

For this reason, the Viridia is not affected by temperature variations; though the platter may expand or contract according to environmental conditions, this design ensures the turntable always functions at the correct speed.

2.825Kg - Though low mass compared to some, the point of the closed-loop speed correction is that the platter inertia cannot be so high as to prevent real-time correction. If it is, the motor will not have the torque needed to correct speed deviation in real-time.

Bearing shaft - 16mm diameter, through-hardened and tempered. Hardness 600 - 700 HV1.

Platter is suspended magnetically using neodymium magnets with a repulsive force of 4.8kg.

4 feet, adjustable in height (15mm) in the chassis base. For reasons of noise isolation, the front 2 are magnetically repelling pistons. Elimination of environmental noise is tuned to Frq >10Hz.

Parallel links tuned to 1 → 2Hz ( ultimately dependant on choice of tonearm as its mass affect the fundamental resonance. ) In order to provide maximal axial stability for the cartridge cantilever suspension, both the primary and secondary suspensions only work in the vertical plane.

As there is no physical contact between the platter and subchassis, rumble is not a relevant measurement.

Arm mounting plates are readily available for Omega and Phaedra arms and Rega arms. Blank units are available for cutting to accommodate any other arm of 9” or 10” lengths.



Record clamping weight

Tapped holes to clamp tonearm cables

Platter mat made to match the acoustic impedance of the LP vinyl.

Motor has its own suspension

Motor mounted on floating subchassis so belt tension remains constant regardless of subchassis suspension movement.

Damped composite subchassis