This arm has occassionally confused customers. It does not seem to fit in with other Helius tonearms, and, coupled with the confusion of the AN look-a-like, the confusion is understandable.

The basic design though, is pure Orion, possessing all the same feature listed  for its predecessors, all just presented in a differnt package.

Given that the various Orion models were superceded by the Cyalene, the reintroduction of an Orion was a sideways step.

The commercial plan had been to introduce the Omega as the new top arm, and market this arm in the Aureus price category. The overall design was intended to be less expensive to make than the original Orion but offered the same performance.

The advent of the CD delayed the Omega by several years, and the Orion 4 was more expensive to make in small quantities than anticipated.
The key element we followed through with the Omega was the use of a very short armtube and the sweeping increase in surface area towards the bearings.

The Orion 4 was as good as the MKI and MKII models, and cheaper to make, but ultimately, no match for the Cyalene.
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