Orion 1

Originally designed to accommodate the performance of Kondo’s Audio Note IO cartridge, the Orion was the beast that eclipsed  all other tonearms in its day. Both radical and revolutionary, it broke every convention of traditional design 1980’s.

Dynamically balanced and damped by differential masses the arm exerted significant control over the relative movement of the cartridge body, especially important for low compliance cartridges. However, its concentration of mass around the bearings also meant the effective mass was lower than you might associate with this type of product.

Helius remains unique in building 10” arms. The extra inch offers a significant improvement in tracking error over a 9” arm, whilst avoiding the higher inertia and poorer turntable matching of the 12” arm.

In some respects the arm can also be considered a `captured unipivot’ as one bearing is positioned in the dynamic centroid of the system. This point can be regarded as a point of zero potential as all masses and flow of vibration is directed at this focal point.

Azimuth was adjustable through the adjustment of two screws at the back of the arm. Three counterweights were supplied, all three being needed for the IO.

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