The purpose of this page is to keep customers informed of  the latest product developments at Helius, and update you about progress.

As you can see from  the product index, the Alexia turntable is now officially listed. It’s been a pretty open secret that we’ve been working on a turntable for some time., so I’m pleased to announce that the first samples have already been passed to dealers, distributors and reviewers. Indeed the first review has recently been completed by Kevin Fiske.

If all goes well, the plan is to launch the first of  two turntables around May this year.

Those interested in the Alexia can check out its credentials by looking  at the website www.alexia-turntable.co.uk.

The second turntable, Hyperion, is scheduled for later this year, but probably won’t be released before Helius’ first  amplifiers.

More details about the amps will follow but our ambitions start with a 50W P/C integrated amp or the same design supplied as separate pre and power amps.

The next version up will be available as monoblock power amps putting out around 120W to 150W with a matching pre-amp....obviously both pre-amps will be fitted with MC or MM phono stages.

More information about both the turntables and amps will become available over the coming months.

Helius News


By way of a complete side-ways step ( incongruous some may think ) the author of Helius’ designs, Geoffrey Owen, has just become the published author of a series of novels that amalgamate the latest thoughts in astrophysics and particle physics, with the rise in fundamentalist religions.

The story unfolds in an environment where a technological calamity puts a group of scientists on a collision course with militant religion as the latter believes the answer to their problems can be found inside what is regarded as the holiest of shrines.

This website is perhaps not the place elucidate, but any customer  predisposed to reading science fiction with a political bent, or who shares similar concerns as to how society is evolving , could check out


As writing is simply another form of creativity that requires imagination, perhaps it’s not such a great leap.

This page will change, and possible grow into two pages. As the business expands and diversifies it seems to be gaining new friends everywhere.