The Cyalene superceded the Orion in the early 1990s, production lasted for about 6 years.
The arm introduced many ground breaking design features never previously used in tonearm design.
These included:-
     Line contact bearings instead of point contact. This increased rigidity and efficiency of energy transfer.
    A fixed counterweight close to the bearings to optimise inertial characteristics.
    The cue was built inside the main pillar to eliminate resonance from these small parts.
    The aesthetics were designed to increased cross sectional surface area from headshell to bearings.
    A new silicon elastomer was used in the bias mechanism. This offered a linear bias force whilst have
     no resonance characteristics.

The MKI Cyalene can be identified from the knob at the back of the counterweight used to adjust downforce, where the MKII version used a small sliding weight.

The MKII also had a bimetallic arm tube.
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