The Aureus 2 is one of those models that sometimes causes confusion. They were labeled `Aureus’ when they left the factory, but the arm was deliberatley styled as a `mini-Cyalene’, resulting in its frequent mis-identification  now.  

Many features from other arms were amalgamated into this product. The arm was dynamically balanced in the same way the Orion was, The component into which the arm tube fits was very, very similar to the Orion.

We also incorporated the line contact vertical bearings of the Cyalene, and the lateral bearings form the Scorpio 3.

In effect, we achieved a high level of performance from a mid-priced arm using technology we had developed from earlier models.

The arm was made for about 2 yeras in the early 90’s. Volumes manufactured were lower than previous models, mostly due to Helius taking an excursion into flat phase loudspeaker design, and computer controlled astronomical telescopes.

The rapid rise of CD as a medium meant we felt it was more appropriate to diversify than to continue developing new tonearms.

Aureus 2

Some early examples have a screw cap in the centre of the bearing housing. We had intended to use a spring to adjust downforce

But ultimately this was never incorporated.

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